Friday, 30 November 2012

Half of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

The Fight goes on.

Colorado Drug Investigators Concerned Over Legalizing Marijuana

The head of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association believes that voters in Colorado were duped by Amendment 64 and that legalizing marijuana will be a fiasco.

The harsh prediction comes as Gov. John Hickenlooper sets up a task force to deal with implementing the measure on the state level and corresponding with federal law which maintains that marijuana in any form or amount is illegal.

“It’s going to create a huge fiasco,” said Colorado Drug Investigators Association spokesman Ernie Martinez.

Martinez believes marijuana will be too easy to obtain.

“We’re going to see a marked increase among drug use for youth and teens for the simple reason availability is going to increase,” said Martinez.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

30,000 watts

nice size room here over 30,000 watts... not bad.

How To Roll A Three Paper Joint

when I learned to roll it was 3 papers white zig zags... old school.

Jamaica 2012 Weed & Hash!

the homie URBAN GROWER hits JAMAICA.

Purple Kush Harvest

this shit looks really tasty.....

Ken Estes - The Origins of Grand Daddy Purple

Big Kush Jay interviews Ken Estes of GDP and finds out the origins of his infamous strand.

Amy Anonymous' Smokers Talk: Guest Starring Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is a rapper from Ajax, Ontario. In 2008 Peter Jackson joined Joe Budden, D12, Classified and Royce Da 5'9 on the "Never Say Never Tour" In 2009 he toured with Naughty By Nature... then followed another major tour with Busta Rhymes.
He released his debut album "In My Life" in 2010 AND soon his 2nd album "Fresh Start LP" will drop - keep an eye out for it in the stores REAL SOON!! Peter Jackson (PJ to some) may be from Canada but he's known across the globe!!! In this video I talk to PJ about ALL THINGS CANNABIS.. and some music too!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Gardening Rhythms: Aquaponics(29 min guide)

This show describes how to establish a "no feed fish" aquaponics system
Some of the best Kush I ever smoked was grown this way.

3 NYCD's Harvested

Ohhhhh Yeaa My favorite NYCD.
I live in Canada and frequent NYC,I have heard a lot of people in my time say oh yeaa I dot the NYCD in Toronto and in Canada.But in all my years I have never scene the real NYCD in Canada.

3 NYCD's Harvested. NYCD #3 harvest at day 63, using Technaflora's "Recipe for Success", NYCD #4 and #5 harvested at Day 68, (#4)using Technaflora's "Recipe for Success", (#5) Using Ionic as a base with a Catalyst, MagiCal, Headmasta & Sweet. NYCD #3 = 145.0 Grams NYCD #4 = 171.0 Grams NYCD #5 = 201.0 Grams - VEG: Grown in a 4'x4'x6.5' Secret Jardin DR120 Grow Tent under (2)two 216 watt T5(4 ft x 4 bulb, 6500k) - Total of 432 watts, 40,000 lumens - BLOOM: Grown in a 7'x4'x9' custom grow room under 2(two) 600 watt HPS(2100k), - Total of 1200 watts, 187,000 lumens - STRAINS: New York City Diesel, Critical Sensi Star, Headband, Cheese, New York City Diesel x Purple Kush, New York City Diesel x Master Kush, White x Chocolope, Fat Bitch, Sour Alien, Fire Alien & TokyOG (Free the weed)

A talk with Dana Larsen about decriminalizing cannabis in British Columbia..

6000 Watt 4-Strain Flower Room Day 14

this was posted nov 1st 2012 so that means this guy is going to have a nice x mas....

29-Strain Flower Room Day 58 8000 Watts

Damn I need to visit this guy. he knows his sh**t. Very nice....

Alien Grapevine Harvest

A little harvest.

Strain Hunters Morocco Expedition (Full movie 43 min)

More strain hunters.

Strain Hunters India Expedition (FULL HD MOVIE 58 min)

Shout out to the original strain hunter.This is what it is all about.